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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

At Connections Community Support Programs, our mission and vision is to serve Delawareans in need, but none of this could be achieved without the efforts and dedication of our Connectors. All of whom have their own unique stories and experiences that make them valuable members of our team. One such individual is Marc Briggs.

As our new Peer Success Coordinator, Marc is responsible for supporting over one hundred and thirty peers with recovery and professional growth through a variety of roles. A big reason why Marc is so good at what he does is that he can deeply empathize with his peers as a result of sharing a lot of the same experiences in his own past. At a young age, Marc struggled with mental heath and substance abuse issues as well as being in and out of the criminal justice system. Originally believing that to be his fate, Marc was given a new perspective on life after the birth of his first child. Shortly after, he began a new path in life that would be defined by continuous learning and growth and most importantly, the desire to help others.

Unfortunately, Marc found it difficult to gain momentum once he was out of the criminal justice system for good. While constantly looking to grow, he faced many barriers to quality employment because of his past and often found himself in jobs that exposed him to many of his old vices. Worried that he would be tempted to fall back into old habits, Marc decided to focus on what he could control and pushed even harder to better himself. After a few years of dedication to improvement, including proving to local legislators that he deserved a reduced probation, Marc found himself as one of the first members of Christiana Care’s Project Engage.

Project Engage is an early intervention and referral to substance use disorder treatment program designed to help hospital patients who may be struggling with alcohol or drug use. It is here where Marc really started to hone his skills as a peer counselor and it helped him build a lot of confidence in his abilities. For once, Marc’s past wasn’t a hinderance but an advantage. He found that he could truly help others with his shared experiences and was able to pass on lessons learned. Eventually, Project Engage came to Connections and Marc came with it.

Initially overwhelmed by being thrust into a new leadership role, Marc developed a close relationship with Connections founder Cathy McKay that helped him adjust and gain more confidence. Marc has worn many hats at Connections but he cites McKay’s mentorship and networking with fellow Connectors and leaders as major factors to him becoming the organization’s first Peer Success Coordinator. He is currently developing a Workforce Mentorship program in addition to working toward his Masters’ Degree. Marc’s integrity helped him overcome his past and he has dedicated himself to become part of the solution ever since. He has a true desire to help everyone which can be confirmed when you hear the genuine joy in his voice when he talks about the success he has seen in other peers.

Marc Briggs and his beautiful family

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