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Collaborating with Barclays Bank Delaware, Connections has operated a fully equipped mobile dental clinic since February 2016.

The 38-foot vehicle, made possible with a $310,000 low-interest loan from Barclays, provides comprehensive dental services, including cleanings, digital X-rays, fillings, root canals, extractions and dentures. The clinic has two treatment rooms and is staffed full-time by a dentist and hygienist.

The clinic treats 1,500 patients held at work-release and probation violation centers run by Delaware’s Department of Correction, where Connections is the medical provider.

The clinic will also provide increased access to treatment for 1,000 people without dental insurance who receive services at Connections’ clinics statewide. Those clinics provide primary and behavioral health care as well as addiction treatment services.

Cathy McKay, founder, president and CEO of Connections, said the mobile dental clinic is yet another example of her agency providing assistance to Delaware’s neediest residents.

“The mobile clinic will help fill a void in Delaware’s medical safety net by bringing critical dental care to so many people,” McKay said. “We applaud Barclays for stepping up and helping finance an endeavor identified in our recent strategic plan.”