Families struggling with difficulties of daily living, parent-child conflict, challenges at school, substance misuse, emotional and behavioral problems, and marital problems can get help at the Centers for Children and Families.

Working in collaboration with Connections, the Centers for Children and Families has offices in Bellefonte, Harrington and Millsboro. Our Marriage and Family Therapists provide state of the art clinical services with proven effectiveness.

The Bellefonte and Kent-Sussex Centers for Children and Families harness the healing power of families to benefit individuals, couples, families, and communities they live in. Counseling in Delaware has traditionally focused on the individual, but our clinicians seek to engage the entire family and other key contacts in a holistic form of treatment.

Members of our clinical staff have advanced degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, one of the five core mental health disciplines, and focus on understanding problems and people within the context of their relationships.

The Centers’ clinicians are adept at helping families address a wide range of problems, including family conflict, substance abuse, stress related to divorce and remarriage, depression, anxiety, as well as marital distress by focusing on the impact problems have all family members.

Marriage and family therapy is brief, generally 10 sessions or less, and focused on attainable therapeutic goals designed to help families resolve their problems.

Marriage and family therapists use family strengths to treat a wide range of serious clinical problems and provide treatment that is equally effective, and in some cases more effective, than individual treatments for a number of behavioral health problems.

Working in collaboration with Connections Community Support Programs, Inc., the Centers aim to increase the accessibility of effective services for children and families.

“Traditionally, parents drop children off and hope they will be fixed when they pick them up,” said clinical director Dr. Bill Northey,  LMFT. “The problem with that model is, if you want the kids to be different, families need to change too and that can’t be done unless the parents are in the room.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (302) 442-6620 or visit www.bellefontefamilies.com or www.kent-sussexfamilies.com



811 Brandywine Boulevard, Bellefonte

1114 S. DuPont Highway, Dover

24832 John J. Williams Highway, Millsboro