Connections provides medical, dental and mental health care, as well as substance abuse and sex offender treatment to more than 6,500 people held in the Delaware Department of Correction’s unified prison system.


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Our teams work in all Delaware Level 5 prisons, which house men and women sentenced for their crimes as well as those detained in lieu of bail and awaiting the resolution of their charges. We also provide the same services in Delaware’s Level 4 work-release facilities and the violation of probation centers.

Our nonprofit model of correctional health care puts patient treatment over profits, with the ultimate goal of decreasing recidivism and increasing effective rehabilitation. We also have instituted a re-entry program to assists incarcerated men and women find housing, jobs and ultimately stability as they transition back to the community.

We began in correctional health care in 2012, when we successfully bid to provide mental health, substance abuse, and sex offender treatment in all DOC facilities, taking over the contract with 15 days’ notice and achieving full staffing within 90 days. In addition, we have maintained almost full capacity in the substance abuse beds (historically a problem with other vendors) and added new programs including “6 for 1” for female detainees at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution and DUI treatment at Sussex Correctional Institution.

We have fully implemented a robust, statewide sex offender treatment program and have taken over an additional sex offender treatment program at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (JTVCC). During the past year, we also assumed responsibility for Level Three sex offender treatment for those offenders who are on probation and living in the community.

In July of 2014, Connections successfully bid and contracted to provide all health care services within the Delaware Department of Correction.  Since that time, Connections has fully implemented comprehensive health care, dental service, transition and post-release discharge planning services.


In July 2016, Connections began working on a three-year contract to provide medical, mental health and addictions treatment to detainees and inmates at the Caroline County Correctional Center.

The contract was Connections’ first outside of Delaware, consistent with our goal of targeted expansion as outlined in our 2015 Strategic Plan.

The Caroline County jail, located in Denton, Md., houses about 100 prisoners.