Over the last five years, it has become increasingly clear to us that people exist within the context of the larger society, the most important building block of which is the family,  Families  are essential to helping their members succeed. For that reason, we have added family therapy to our services in order to support families struggling with difficulties of daily living, parent-child conflict, challenges at school, substance misuse, emotional and behavioral problems, and marital problems.  Our Centers for Children and Families provide family therapy in Bellefonte and at our service centers in Harrington and Long Neck.  Members of our clinical staff have advanced degrees in marriage and family therapy, one of the five core mental health disciplines, and focus on understanding problems and people within the context of their relationships. The Centers’ clinicians are adept at helping families address a wide range of problems, including family conflict, substance abuse, stress related to divorce and remarriage, depression, anxiety, as well as marital distress by focusing on the impact problems have on all family members.