Our community reintegration and mental health support programs offer residential and vocational supports for approximately 1,000 individuals annually who have intellectual and/or psychiatric disabilities. These supports empower these individuals to live and work in the community while also enjoying important quality of life enhancements through our art and pet therapy programs and other recreational activities. Six hundred of these individuals live in supported housing and community living arrangements that we operate and fund with the help of HUD, the State of Delaware and our philanthropic partners. Our Connect to Work social enterprise businesses, which offer job opportunities for people with barriers to employment, also provide essential services for all of our clients. For example, our Medicaid transportation enterprise is second only to the state-operated  DAST program in the number of rides to medical and other appointments it provides to residents of Delaware. Through the provision of these residential and vocational supports, we are working to make sure that  the people we serve are able to live  meaningful lives.