Connect to Work helps improve your skills & overcome barriers.

Connect to Work helps adults who have barriers to employment, get and keep a job by assisting them to improve their skills and overcome logistical barriers such as lack of transportation, child care and housing. The program works because it uses multiple approaches - case management, mentoring, help to get and keep housing, help with personal issues, and individualized training and job development. Connect to Work helps employers by conducting background checks, screening, and supervision of potential employees to make sure that they can meet employers’ needs.

Connect to Work operates several business enterprises including janitorial and construction clean-up services, day laborers and a mobile care wash for the State of Delaware and private companies. We are developing additional ventures – such as a secure document destruction business and a commercial food service operation- both to generate revenue for the program and to create real jobs.

How can you help?

We need employers who are willing to take a chance on us! Remember, the goal of Connect to Work is to match employer needs with employee abilities. Before we recommend applicants for a position, we take into account the employer’s needs and requirements as well as the potential employee’s skills, personality and preferences to ensure a satisfying match for both parties.

We need the help of businesses to contract with our janitorial services, construction clean-up and other business services. We can provide regular or intermittent office cleaning, construction clean-up, cleaning and repair of rental properties, and other services at a competitive rate. We also need successful small business people to help us develop business plans and other financing vehicles.

We need financial support. Connect to Work operates on a lean budget. Some of its support comes from contracts with the Delaware Divisions of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation and a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. Some is earned through our janitorial services and other contracts. We need to raise capital to grow the social enterprise, and we are hoping to do that through the investment of donors like you.

Connect to Work line:

(866) 477-5345

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